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WOVEN is a unique new organisation utilising a core network of subject matter experts to deliver a programme of practical consultancy tailored to the needs of our clients.

Creating a new standard in startup and growth pathways, we propel renewable and cleantech companies throughout their journey to meet global challenges.

We help you bridge the gap between startup, investor and growth with our Real World Readiness TM programme.

Kane Watkinson

Business Profile

Kane brings twenty years of experience from commercial leadership roles spanning sales, product management and marketing in technical and engineering based sectors across global markets. With extensive travel experience developing direct sales, partner and distribution channels across EMEA, and supporting off-shored supply chains in Sri Lanka and China. His sector experiences range from high performance technical fibres and material solutions in marine through to a decade spent engineering noise control solutions in sectors such as critical power, power generation, data centres, built environment, automotive test facilities, and aviation.

This experience ensures our startup clients receive commercialisation and leadership knowledge to drive overall organisational FOCUS, EXECUTION and TRACTION.

Personal Life

I balance the demands of a young family with escape into music, film, running and road cycling. The loss of a family member to cancer in 2023 has focused my efforts on putting something back to help others - I’m fundraising by running across the South Downs from Winchester to Brighton in 2024.

EdieAnn Feigles

Business Profile

EdieAnn brings 10+ years of experience working with startups from IoT, data analytics and machine learning, through to renewable energy. She has a deep appreciation and understanding of complex technologies, engineering, startup challenges and pathways to commercialisation.

As a co-author of an advocacy blog series with Oxfordshire Greentech, EdieAnn is driving the conversation with thought-leadership to adapt the cleantech ecosystem. 25+ plus years in construction, engineering and real estate development, ensures WOVEN’s clients have strong guidance and experience on high-value complex projects, stakeholder, project and partnership management, and government liaison.

Personal Life

I am an avid photographer with a passion for black & white and macro photography, tapping into the creative side to view our world through a different lens. As a US citizen now resident in the UK, I’m keen to explore life and history off the B-roads. My personal challenge for 2024 is to hike the length of Hadrian’s Wall.

"Together we can propel startup innovation and growth to meet market needs"

Are you a serious founder ready to propel your startup forward with a Real World Readiness TM Audit?

We created WOVEN to deliver a synergy of knowledge and experience to support cleantech innovation - we understand the big challenges faced to bring new technology to market.

Sometimes the best ideas aren’t realised - whether from lack of investment, technical development or visibility in a congested market. The ecosystem and support mechanisms for cleantech and renewables face some unique challenges.

Ecosystem Challenges

Traditional SaaS Models

Typical startup business models are designed for SaaS companies and insufficient in scope for renewables and cleantech.

Longer Developments

The physical nature, both size & scale, of new technologies, equipment and infrastructure installations, extends the development life cycle.

Larger Investments

The scale and scope of the prototypes, pilot projects and installations, demands larger and longer duration funding, with stringent financial accountability

Technology Engineering

Protocols, programmes and TRL are more complex, with a need for robust process, roadmaps, monitoring and data analytics.

Testing and Validation

Independent third party testing and verification are essential components of the process, and require extensive planning and cost allocation.

Market Engagement

Demand generation and driving the conversation is a core strategic function for the brand and solution, to ensure early adoption and revenue pathways.

Without new innovation, energy and climate goals will be out of reach. As we strive to accelerate our transition, startups are playing a more important role.

The fastest growing start-ups scaling to meet infrastructure, grid and global impact solutions, will be those with the strongest technologies, data, market pathways and investment strategy.


30% > 43% 2021-30


Increase 70% > 2040


US$ 5tn >
Paris Accord


US$ 1.1tn


CAGR 17% > 2023-30


1.1 billion no electricity

Data Sources: IRENA and IEA

Decarbonisation is one of the great challenges of our time.  The scale of change to reach Net Zero needs innovative thinking and new technologies. Startups throughout the Renewable and Cleantech spectrum can drive the transition, and unlocking investment is fundamental to their success. We work with innovators and investors to deliver impact and scale.

The world needs renewable energy and cleantech startups to propel change.
Are you a serious founder ready to propel your startup forward with a Real World Readiness TM Audit?